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american Whirlpool

Get Ready to Feel Like You're at the Resort Everyday!

American Whirlpool® hot tubs and spas offer you an unrivaled resort-like experience, with each detail carefully designed for a luxurious soak. With precision engineering providing everything from the perfect seating layout to advanced filtration systems, these top-quality products are sure to give you that extra special something when it comes time to relax in your home spa. As proud suppliers of this exceptional brand, we can guarantee years of excellence backed by their commitment as one of today’s most technically sophisticated manufacturers – giving you all the more reason to enjoy!


Experience Next Level Relaxation and Precision Engineering!

American Whirlpool, a brand that’s synonymous with innovation and quality, has been crafting luxury hot tubs since the inception of modern fiberglass and metal in 1969. Originally founded by MAAX Spas – an industry leader renowned for its long-lasting quality products – we’ve gone from strength to strength over the years; accumulating more success through acquisitions such as Coleman™ Spas, Savannah‚ VitaSpa® InfinitiTM Hot Tubs—and eventually merging with American Bath Group. Now we’re taking everything up another notch: introducing “Built to the MAAX”–the world’s first Appliance Grade hot tubs! Who said getting your feet wet had to be boring?

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