Dream Maker Spas

dreammaker-hot-tubs-p1Dream Maker Spas? was the first company to introduce the benefits of rotationally molded products to the spa industry way back in 1997. Since then, Dream Maker Spas has dominated the market by producing 8 quality spa models that all plug into your regular 110 volt 15 amp outlet and retail for less than $3499.

Dream Maker Spas? employs a staff of engineers and manufacturing specialists that help ensure that the quality of the products produced meet the stringent Dream Maker Spas? QC standards. Along with our great people, Dream Maker Spas also has one of the largest and most advanced roto-molding machines in the world that can produce up to 64 spas per 8 hour shift. Every spa produced is water tested for over 24 hours so that the consumer can rest assured that the spa they receive has been thoroughly tested and is ready to plug in and enjoy!

dreammaker-hot-tub-p2All Dream Maker spas? are one-piece units and totally portable. They are not comprised of wood, metal or vinyl parts, and therefore they will not rust, rot, or rip. We back that claim with our lifetime shell warranty. Dream Maker Spas is also very conscience of the environment. That is why all Dream Maker spas? use a State of the Art ?Dual Hot Stick? heating system that heats the water without the use of your typical energy guzzling electric heater. Not only is our heating system good for your electric bill it also has a lifetime warranty!

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